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"I have a secret I haven't told you- I'm a magi."

Philosopher, dreamer, magician, and tsundere gothic heroine songstress extraordinaire. Clad in crimson and midnight (and ice). Made of seafoam, jewels, and moonbeams of music.

In Tautropfen will ich hinuntersinken und mit der Asche mich vermischen

summer has come and past…

Crew of Serenity
Inara Serra


By matsu

My nails are broken, my fingers are bleeding, my arms are covered with the welts left by the paws of your guards - but I am a queen! —Antigone, Antigone by Sophocles  (via mirroir)

And so it is, the colder water, the blower’s daughter, the pupil in denial… 


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pt. 2





wait till the end

#OMF#for people who don#t understand#Today is Thursday and the weather is amazing#But you don’t have a boyfriend#SHUT UP YOU BASTARD#:Y

oh no. It’s (American) football season.


honeymoon is an interesting term because an actual moon made of honey would imply space bees which is pretty horrifying

Yuna | Traits - [4/?] Introverted vs Extroverted

"Sometimes Yuna would just stare off into the distance. I finally understand why… she was saying goodbye to the places she’d never see again." / "So, tomorrow then. We’re going on the same boat, aren’t we? We can talk more. You can tell me all about Zanarkand!"




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