zelretched said:
Do you think Rin is actually bi or was it just fanservice for the Fate route? In all other routes she just seems to be focused on Shirou

Interesting question. (Also, greetings new follower!)

According to canon, Rin is bisexual. Period. However, also according to canon, Rin is in love with Shirou (SIGH, as are all of the other heroines). But, JUST BECAUSE A PERSON OR CHARACTER IS IN LOVE WITH SOMEONE OF A CERTAIN GENDER, THAT DOES NOT ERASE THAT PERSON’S SEXUAL IDENTITY. Rin doesn’t STOP being bisexual. She isn’t suddenly straight if she’s in love with Shirou, Archer, Lancer, etc. Likewise, she isn’t suddenly homosexual if she’s in love with Saber, Luvia, etc. She’s still bisexual, regardless of romantic partner.


Tohsaka Rin drink, ufotable cafe TOKUSHIMA


Tohsaka Rin drink, ufotable cafe TOKUSHIMA

  1. heroicspiritemiya: she should go to the throne (of heroes)
  2. heroicspiritemiya: but no
  3. heroicspiritemiya: wanna save england
  4. rin-tohsaka: england totally did just fine too
  5. heroicspiritemiya: YES
  6. heroicspiritemiya: what is saber saving england from
  7. rin-tohsaka: the spice girls?
  8. heroicspiritemiya: OMF


'Where do they keep coming from?'


Imagine your icon as the protagonist of the last show you watched

There is literally nothing in the world that can’t be solved by talking with heroicspiritemiya ❤ 

coolchulainn said:
my name is chulainn rightnip mccool

When we finally have our Fate trip in Japan of Awesome and Amazing, I fully expect to see that on your passport. If not, I declare war upon the gods.

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