magia ♔

"I have a secret I haven't told you- I'm a magi."

Philosopher, dreamer, magician, and tsundere gothic heroine songstress extraordinaire. Clad in crimson and midnight (and ice). Made of seafoam, jewels, and moonbeams of music.

In Tautropfen will ich hinuntersinken und mit der Asche mich vermischen

Ladies of Fate: Saber (Arturia Pendragon)

She accepted it and pulled out the sword.
She accepted it and swore to live as the king.
So her heart would not change even if she was abandoned, feared, or betrayed.
She threw away her heart.
The young girl decided to protect in exchange for it.

Who would ever know of such a sublime oath?
She chose to fight.
No matter what.
She still chose to fight.
Even if there was inevitable solitary ruin waiting at the end…

She was called King Arthur, or Arturia, and the girl who had tried to become a knight had her life turned around.

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