magia ♔

"I have a secret I haven't told you- I'm a magi."

Philosopher, dreamer, magician, and tsundere gothic heroine songstress extraordinaire. Clad in crimson and midnight (and ice). Made of seafoam, jewels, and moonbeams of music.

In Tautropfen will ich hinuntersinken und mit der Asche mich vermischen

Ladies of Fate series - Sakura Matou

"…Sakura. Let’s go somewhere far away once this is all over.
We’ve never gone anywhere for fun, right? It’s good to go off and enjoy ourselves once in a while.”

In dead seriousness, he said there’s nowhere we can’t go if we put our minds to it.

I smiled, since he was so pure.

"All right. Then it’s a promise. Let’s go there together once you get well and once this whole mess is over."

Yesthe promise is…

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